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Welcome to our new Head of Innovation, David Blackmore!

POSTED January 12, 2021

This month we welcomed David Blackmore to team THEBP as our new Head of Innovation. As the team is still working from home, we asked David some questions to help the team and everyone else learn a little bit more about him.

Tell us a bit about yourself?
I was born and raised in London and have worked in youth focused organisations my whole career. I’m fascinated with innovative approaches to solving social issues. I’m committed to improving the access and quality of education, especially for young people facing significant barriers. I spent 14 months living and working in Medellin, Colombia where I learnt Spanish (and attempted salsa).

Where did you work before THEBP?
I recently finished working at a global youth social action charity. I was Director of the programme team that developed and implemented innovative social action programmes, working with thousands of schools across the UK. I led the UK office’s digital evolution, programme management and impact measurement. Previously I was Head of A-Level Physical Education at a sixth form college in north-west London, managed a partnerships team at an international education company and I’ve led social inclusion projects for a professional football team’s foundation. 

What are you looking forward to working at THEBP?
I’m really looking forward to working closely with schools in Tower Hamlets and providing their students with the best opportunities to support the transition from education to work. I’m excited about consolidating and developing innovative programmes that benefit schools, local employers and the community. Now more than ever young people need access to opportunities to develop skills and gain experiences that support their entry into employment. THEBP brings together schools and companies to achieve this mission and I’m delighted to join the team and contribute towards this. 

Any hobbies?
I love travel and getting to know other cultures, but this is on hold during COVID-19 times. I’ve always been into sports and physical activities and at the moment I’m doing lots of walks, bike rides and the odd yoga session (still can’t touch my toes)! I’m reading more and alternating between English and Spanish books to try and maintain my Spanish level. During lockdown I’ve started cooking more but that’s thanks to following easy recipes that are sent to our house with ingredients and step by step instructions!

What is one thing you have learnt over this very strange year?
This time has been challenging for a lot of people, but there have also been beautiful moments of communities pulling together to support each other. It has really highlighted the resilience of humans and their intrinsic motivation to help others, especially those most in need. An example of this is how schools have continued to prove that they are a beacon of their community and they are relied upon for many aspects, not just education. On a personal note, I’ve learnt to slow down the pace of life and focus on things that are important to me, those around me and my community.

Welcome again to David and we hope he enjoys working with the team here at Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership!


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