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Welcome to our Digital Transformation Project Manager, John Bunney!

POSTED January 22, 2021

This month we welcomed John Bunney to team THEBP as our new Digital Transformation Project Manager. As the team is still working from home, we asked John some questions to help the team and everyone else learn a little bit more about him.

Tell us a bit about yourself?  
My name is John Bunney & I live and work in North London.  I have been working with IT for over 20 years and started back in 1995 when I supported the initial launch of Windows 95.  I have been on a journey with IT and have seen first-hand the changes that Digital Technology has transformed all parts of our lives.

Where did you work before THEBP?
I worked for several firms, but I have spent longest working for Accenture in their IT support department.  However, I have also worked for Marks & Spencer, again in IT support, and for two years in a Comic Shop in Camden.

What are you looking forward to working at THEBP?
Helping people use technology to help others and learning about a new sector.

Any hobbies?
Well I used to collect comics (hence the job at a comic shop)  But I mostly relax by reading playing online RPGs and of course watching my first love in genre, Doctor Who.

What is one thing you have learnt over this very strange year?
That while I dislike Bananas I like Banana Bread.


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